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Vineyard Harbor Motel
60 Beach Road
Vineyard Haven
Toll Free:

(508) 693-3334
(508) 693-0320
Vineyard Harbor Motel
Post Office 1609
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

Vineyard Harbor Motel is conveniently located on the shore of Vineyard Haven Harbor a direct 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal. If you are arriving on the Vineyard Haven ferry, debark and turn to the left along Water Street. Pass the Black Dog Bakery and continue along on the left side of the street to Beach Road (Martha's Bike Rental is across the street on your right). You have just passed through the infamous Five Corners, take a moment to note the frustrated cars waiting to wade through the ferry traffic and be glad you are not one of them. Take a deep, grateful breath of the salty air and continue on your way. Note the restaurants and shops along the way, Vineyard Harbor Motel is just ahead past Blue Canoe Restaurant and West Marine, across the street from Net Result Seafood & Market and shops of Tisbury Marketplace.

Feeling adventurous? When you get off the ferry, go to the left and make your way to the water. Roll up your pants and walk along the shoreline. As you walk you can see the famous Black Dog Tavern on your right, the Alabama and Shenandoah Tall Ships in the harbor to your left. You will need to pass over a few piers and step around more than a few dinghies but in about 10 minutes you will reach the private beach and back deck of the Vineyard Harbor Motel. Take a right through the garden courtyard and into the lobby. Welcome!

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